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AVIA! Billing Policy

AVIA! offers monthly, quarterly, and annual billing cycle options. This is determined at account setup.  If you would like to change your billing cycle or have billing other billing questions please send email to billing@aviaweb.com or phone (508) 393-0750.

All hosting accounts are paid in advance. AVIA! requires automatic credit card payment for monthly accounts. Customers who choose to pay quarterly or annually may choose to be invoiced and pay by check instead.

Collection Procedures

Accounts becomes overdue 30 days after the date of invoice. Should your account become overdue, you will receive a reminder that we have not received your payment. Accounts more than 15 days past due will result in a suspension of service. When accounts are more that 60 days past due data will be removed from the servers and the account will be referred to our collection agency. 

Application of Payments

Payments are applied to outstanding charges chronologically, the oldest charges paid first, unless previously arranged and agreed to by AVIA!

Finance Charges

Invoices are aged from the date that they are created. Finance charges will be assessed to accounts with invoices 30 days or more past due.  The finance charge amount is calculated for each invoice or previous finance charge entry by the number of days past due, times the daily finance charge rate (.18 divided by 365).  If the calculated finance charge amount is less than the minimum finance charge of $.50, the minimum amount will be charged.

Refunds and Returns

If a product is defective or the result of our error, we will refund the full amount. Otherwise, AVIA! sales are final.

Shipping Policy

AVIA! Products are all delivered electronically. Web hosting is typically provisioned with 24h. Domain registration is immediate. We do not ship physical products.

Domain Name Billing

AVIA! requires domain name registration is paid in advance and is not refundable once a name is acquired. Domain Registration may be paid via credit card, personal or company check, or cash.

Over Limit Charges

Disk Usage
If you exceed you allotted disk usage for you account you will be billed a rate of $10.00 per 10MB increment.  Your disk usage is calculated by the average amount of space you have used each day in a thirty day period.  Please remember that, email storage, log files, and other generated files count as disk usage and they should be backed up or reset regularly, especially with a high traffic site!

Data Transfer
AVIA!I charges $20 per GB or any fraction of that you should may exceed your allotted data transfer. If your site regularly exceeds your bandwidth allotment, extra bandwidth may be pre-purchased at half the over-charge rate.

AVIA! web development and hosting
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