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AVIA! Essential Xtras

The best web sites can use options to make them even better. AVIA! offers a selection of options we call Essential Xtras.

Webtrends™ Site Traffic Statistics

AVIA! will customize your WebTrends reports for you so you can cut through the data and get to the information you know is in there. We can also help you understand the statistics so you know how the web is or isn't working for you

Log file Maintenance

Let AVIA! manage your server log files. The default is to delete them after a month or they grow larger than 10MB. Have AVIA! take care of them for you so you can collect long term statistical information and trends.

Web Promotion Services

Search Engines

  • Targeted Site Submission - get listed where it matters
  • Web Site Award Submission - notable sites get attention
  • Meta-Tag generation - automated web-bots classify your site accurately
  • Search Robot control - make the parts of your site you want visible


  • Banner Exchanges - have a link to your site appear on related sites in barter for the same
  • Banner Placement - paid web advertising
  • Link Exchanges - organized mass banner exchanges
  • Web Rings - interconnections between related sites
  • Targeted Resource Listings - get on the the lists of pertinent resource sites

Targeted News Group Postings

  • Newsgroups have rules that usually prohibit outright advertising.
  • Discover which newsgroups address and can add to your market
  • Learn how to effectively participate and give your business positive visibility


Job-Hunt.org is your premier job resource supersite!

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