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AVIA! Web Development Software store brought to you in association with Amazon.com

Macromedia Studio
Microsoft Frontpage
Adobe Photoshop

Macromedia Studio MX full version
Macromedia Studio MX Upgrade
defines integrated Web graphics design and professional Web site development. By combining Dreamweaver and Fireworks, a shared user interface and integrated product features it is the most efficient way to create professional Web sites.

Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Full Version
Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Upgrade
gives you the tools you need to create and control professional-quality Web sites. You can use new drawing tools and automatic web content to make your Web site more exciting and dynamic.

Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Upgrade

This version of Photoshop introduces the next generation of image editing with powerful new features that offer something for every user. Delivering a broad and productive tool set, Photoshop helps you explore your creativity, work at peak efficiency, and achieve the highest-quality results across all media.

Macromedia Dreamweaver
Macromedia Fireworks

Dreamweaver MX full version
Dreamweaver MX Upgrade
is everything that you need to create and manage sites from a small business to complex Web businesses.
It lets you "draw" complex table-based layouts with pixel-precise accuracy. It ist simple to incorporate content from Microsoft Office and Msacromedia Fireworks or generate Macromedia Flash graphics directly!

The professional hand-coding environment includes autoindenting, punctuation balancing, and the ability to debug client-side JavaScript directly in your browser. And, if you're ready to master the nuances of HTML, you can refer to the integrated online reference material from O'Reilly Publications. Dreamweaver MX makes it simple to incorporate content from Microsoft Office and graphics from Macromedia Fireworks. You can even generate Macromedia Flash (.swf) graphics directly in Dreamweaver to create engaging Web experiences.

Fireworks MX
full version
Fireworks MX Upgrade
is closely integrated with Dreamweaver and is the perfect graphic companion.
Create, optimize, and export interactive graphics in a single Web-centric environment using Macromedia Fireworks MX.

Fireworks offers all the tools to make everything from simple graphic buttons to sophisticated rollover effects and pop-up menus.

The workspace offers bitmap editing, precise text control, automation, and extensibility, allowing for rapid production and easy updates. Broad support for file formats, new standards like XHTML, and Section 508 compliance ensure that output matches current and future needs.

Share files across graphics applications, including Flash, FreeHand, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Export SWF files, and open graphics directly from within Flash. Open, edit, and export Photoshop graphics retaining layers, masks, & text properties.

Adobe Acrobat V5.0l
will benefit any business that requires documents to be shared, reviewed, and edited across broad networks,

If you've never used Acrobat before, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to convert Office documents and Web pages to PDF files (portable document format). If you already use Acrobat, new features and enhancements--including the ability to upload documents to Web sites and intranets--make this version a worthwhile upgrade

One of the most important new features of version 5.0 is the ability to develop new documents from PDF files. You can now save the PDF file to Rich Text Format (RTF), and then edit the document using your word processor.

You can also create interactive forms, which really look a lot like their paper counterparts. And once you upload these forms to your company intranet, you can share them with all relevant team members.


Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Freehand
Adobe GoLive

Flash MX full version
Flash MX Upgrade
is the current de facto standard for animated graphics on the Web. Flash movies are playable by any Web browser with Flash player installed. That is 92 percent of the online population. Flash movies are small and quick to download. The player is free, but to create Flash movies you need an authoring tool. Macromedia's own product is by far the most advanced.

FreeHand 10.0 Full Version
FreeHand 10.0 Upgrade
offers powerful features, including master pages, a new user interface, and sophisticated vector-based illustration tools. You can enhance your project workflow by creating a document once, and publishing it across multiple media, including print, the Web, and beyond. A rich collection of presets enables designers to achieve results right immediately.

Adobe GoLive 6.0 Full Version
Adobe Golive 6.0 Upgrade
has 100 new features, and is a Web-authoring and site-management tool for creative professionals. Keep your code clean and lean; visually design dynamically generated Web pages; and enjoy seamless integration with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and LiveMotion. Move from creative concepts to dynamic, high-impact Web sites.

Cute FTP
Eudora eMail
Alliare HomeSite
Cute FTP 4.0 is a file transfer application that's easy to use for beginners and has enough features to be useful for power users as well. It uses drag and drop, bookmarks, automatic renaming, and download resuming to make FTP easier. Other key features include directory upload/compare, remote site editing, queued uploading and downloading, complete directory overwrite and delete, and a progress rate display.
Eudora E-Mail 5.0 provides the ability to use encrypted password access with AVIA! web servers giving you an added edge of security.

Eudora 5.0 might not have Outlook's PIM functions or Netscape's Web integration, but it blows away their e-mail systems by almost any criterion. Users who have a little RAM to burn (most will want to run a PIM, browser, and e-mail client simultaneously) will find Eudora much more powerful than its competitors.

HomeSite V5.0
HomeSite V5.0 Upgrade
gives you precise layout control and total design flexibility while delivering the latest Web technologies, such as DHTML, SMIL, cascading style sheets, JavaScript, ASP, JSP, Perl, CFML, VBScript, XML, and XSL. Allaire HomeSite 4.5 helps you build better Web sites with integrated quality-control features, such as link verification, browser targeting, and HTML validation.

Job-Hunt.org is your premier job resource supersite!

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