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NEW! Internet Privacy Intrusion Detection Counter Measures

coverThe number of web developers applying P3P is steadily growing. P3P support is built-in the latest browsers, including Microsoft IE, Netscape Navigator, and Mozilla.

P3P gives users more control over the information they disclose as they browse the Web. It allows web sites to declare what sort of information they may request of users.

Web Privacy with P3P explains how P3P works and shows web site developers how to configure sites for P3P compliance.

cover Network Intrusion Detection enables you to learn from others' mistakes as you endeavor to protect your networks from intrusion. Authors Stephen Northcutt and Judy Novak document real attacks on systems, and highlight characteristics that you can look for on your own machines.

The authors mince no words, and advise you on the detection tools to use and how to use them. This second edition of the book includes more about the latest in attacks, countermeasures, and white-hat hackers who share information to keep systems safe.

coverThere are many books out that claim to be about information security. About 90 percent of them are outdated and on useless topics. Hackers Beware is a rare treat.

The information that Mr. Cole explained is not only up to date, but is relevant. to the security engineer. His no holds barred approach gives a real insight into how hackers think and act.

The book is written in a way that allows administrators and security professionals to utilize the information provided.

coverUnfortunately, the typical Windows NT/2000 installation makes a Windows server an easy target for attacks, and configuring Windows for secure Internet use is a complex task. Securing Windows NT/2000 Servers for the Internet suggests a two-part strategy to accomplish the task:

"Hardening" any Windows server that could potentially be exposed to attacks from the Internet, so the exposed system (known as a "bastion host") is as secure as it can be.

Providing extra security protection for exposed systems by installing an additional network (known as a "perimeter network") that separates the Internet from an organization's internal networks.

coverStephen Northcutt and his coauthors note in the superb Intrusion Signatures and Analysis that there's really no such thing as an attack that's never been seen before. The book documents scores of attacks on systems of all kinds, showing exactly what security administrators should look for in their logs and commenting on attackers' every significant command.

It's a great resource for security experts who want to earn their Certified Intrusion Analyst ratings from the Global Incident Analysis Center (GIAC)--it's organized, in part, around that objective.

coverIn defending your systems against intruders and other meddlers, a little knowledge can be used to make the bad guys--particularly the more casual among them--seek out softer targets. Counter Hack aims to provide its readers with enough knowledge to toughen their Unix and Microsoft Windows systems against attacks in general, and with specific knowledge of the more common sorts of attacks that can be carried out by relatively unskilled "script kiddies." The approach author Ed Skoudis has chosen is effective, in that his readers accumulate the knowledge they need and generally enjoy the process.
coverWindows 2000 Security speaks to an audience of network administrators and support personnel. Previous knowledge of Windows 2000 and Active Directory is recommended, but not required, to find this book useful. Each chapter is well constructed and has a clear goal, which is achieved entertainingly, beckoning the reader from one topic to the next. Particularly engaging are the frequent sidebars, which provide additional information and interesting industry anecdotes. Most chapters contain a "For More Information" section, pointing administrators to related resources for each topic coverImplement network surveillance system for 24-hour security with the official CSIDS Coursebook. Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Systems provides a clear explanation of why network security is crucial in today's converged networking environment, how the Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System (CSIDS) improves the security on a network, and how to install and configure CSIDS. The Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System is a real-time, network-based IDS designed to detect, report, and terminate unauthorized activity throughout a network. coverJulia Allen has distilled a series of "best practices" documents from the CERT Coordination Center (a clearing-house for information about computer attacks) into readily absorbable advice on computer security. She shows how to configure systems for inherent resistance to attack, how to set up logs and intrusion detection tools as early and reliable tripwires, and, to a lesser extent, how to deal with an attack in progress.
coverTargeting this work at computer/network security administrator at a reasonably large organization (described as an organization that finds it necessary to have a security team), Wadlow (the cofounder of a company specializing in Internet security) covers such topics as the nature of computer attacks, setting security goals, creating security network designs, team building, fortifying network components, implementing personnel security, monitoring networks, discovering and handling attacks, and dealing with law enforcement authorities. coverWith shelves of GNU Linux and Unix security books out there, choosing which ones to grace your bookshelf with can be difficult. Real World Linux Security is a hands down winner, covering every aspect of Linux system security. With many books being a tired rehash of the same tips designed to harden your system against script-kiddies, this book goes many steps further into protecting your systems against skilled crackers, and exploring advanced cracking techniques, and defenses against them. This book has extensive coverage on preparing for an attack, how to tell if your system has been cracked, and what to do afterwards. This book is excellently indexed, and has frequent references to other parts of the book where appropriate.

coverMastering Network Security shows how to implement security measures--including logging, encryption, and packet filtering--on your existing network infrastructure. (He provides specifics for Unix, Windows NT, Cisco IOS, and NetWare).

The author also writes at length about supplementary security measures such as firewalls (especially Firewall-1), intrusion detection systems (focusing on RealSecure), and RAID data redundancy (with emphasis on OctopusHA+).

coverThis book presents a total systems approach to the all the topics needed for the infosec professional, beginning with defining the position of the information systems security officer (ISSO), to establishing and managing an infosec program. It is based on a business approach, not a technical approach. The author writes from over 14 years of research and experience. coverPresents the details and methodologies associated with intrusion detection technology to control cracking activity on the Internet. Topics include commercial tools, strategies for processing security audit trails, correlation techniques and algorithms, intruder trace back techniques, deception-based honey pots and traps, and incident response and disaster recovery. coverSecurity books, quite frankly, are pretty much a dime a dozen, most of which are written by people in IT field security. What immediately separates this book from the rest is the background of the author. Ms. Bace is an ex-government employee, spending 12 years in everyone's favorite spook organization, the National Security Agency

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